4 Tendencies: How Questioners & Rebels Thrive

spirituality May 10, 2022

00:00 4 Tendencies: How Questioners & Rebels Thrive
00:09 Discover Your Tendency
00:36 Asking the Very Deepest Questions
01:22 Rebel Tendencies
02:14 The "Now Enjoyment"
03:02 The Mindset That Works

In the Four Tendencies, I am a Questioner with Rebel behaviors. Now, listen to this. If you ever struggle with your commitments, this will help.

Discover Your Tendency 

You can take a short quiz online. You will be primarily one of the 4 Tendencies, and just by answering a few questions over a few minutes, you will learn a lot more about how you are personally motivated. 

So, as I said, when I took the quiz, I came out a Questioner, but as I learned more about all of this, I realized that I also have a lot of Rebel behaviors. 

Asking the Very Deepest Questions

A questioner is not quick to obey anybody. We need to take a lot of time to ask the very deepest questions, but if we let ourselves go, we may ask every question, and by the time we start finding answers to most of these questions, we may move on to something else. 

Here's a quick tip. When you find the answers, ask the deepest questions, which in turn will answer many of your other questions. Take some time to journal to get down to those root questions. Questioners like myself will ask so many questions that it may come off as disrespectful or annoying, but this is just how we process information. When we get the answers to those questions, it is hard to shake us because we feel like we know the truth. 

Rebel Tendencies

I also have a lot of Rebel tendencies, which means that I am motivated by freedom and choice. So, after I ask a bunch of questions, I will come up with a plan and a strategy, but if that plan and strategy lock me in and take away my freedom and choice, I will not stick to that. 

Here's how we hack the system: we need to realize that Rebels are motivated about now more than future enjoyment. So we need to make sure that the systems that we create for ourselves empower us in the now. They give us more freedom and more choice right now, and they need to be very customizable. 

If we create any system for ourselves that takes away freedom and gives us cookie-cutter answers, we will hate that system and push it away. 

The "Now Enjoyment"

Let's talk about creating a diet for ourselves, and if you want to learn specifically about how to lose weight with more freedom, I created a video about that a few days ago. 

Let's say that we are making a diet for ourselves. The diet needs to prioritize the now enjoyment. The workouts need to be fun and flexible, maybe something like virtual reality games. The foods need to have incredible amounts of choice, and we need to be thinking we do whatever we want. However, we want. And every day, as we choose to put our health and diet first, it is because we want to, and we're doing it in our free-way, because we are different and unique, and we are not going to be like everybody else who struggles with weight issues. 

The Mindset That Works

Can you catch that mindset? That is the mindset that works for Rebels and Questioners. We need to be putting that freedom first. 

If you feel like you have these tendencies, I challenge you to journal about this a little bit and see if you are making any of these mistakes in any of your goals. If they're not putting freedom and choice in the right now first, then you have an opportunity to hack your results and make them much more effective.