Can I Still Work From Home After The Pandemic?

entrepreneurship Jul 04, 2021

So you started working from home during the pandemic and you don't want to go back to work. Totally understand that! There's freedom when you work from home! Lots of freedom...

At least 16% of the people who started to work from home will continue to work from home. Those are in higher educated working jobs. So if you want a better chance of continuing to work from home and you're working for somebody, try to get a pay raise. Try to get a promotion and this will make it more possible for you to work from home.

Many people became forced to do more work from home during Covid-19. Luckily, there was much less productivity loss than expected. Those who got the work-from-home jobs (and are keeping them) were the highest educated.

One-third of firms who had employees switch to at home work will remain making it more available to their workers. One last little tip, want to start your own business? If you start your own business, you can work from home.

Kay and I work from home and will continue to be doing that more with our second business. So follow the channel! Like and subscribe. Keep up with these videos and we're going to have a lot more good information for you in the future.