Hell: Why Christians Create Doctrines

May 03, 2022

00:00 Hell: Why Christians Create Doctrines
00:09 Christians Don’t Believe in Heaven and Hell
00:34 Your Heart: Your Brain Times a Million
01:19 Why Christians Create Doctrines
02:16 My Heart Doesn’t Believe In Hell
03:20 Heart-Mind Connection

I'm going to make up a statistic here, 99.999% of Christians don't believe in heaven and hell. I'm also going to bet that you disagree with that. 

Christians Don't Believe in Heaven and Hell

But here's why I say that: If evangelicals believe in heaven and hell as they say they do, they would be evangelizing every day. But people do not believe that, in their hearts and their subconscious minds, so that's why I say Christians don't truly believe in heaven and hell. Their actions are giving away their true beliefs. Your actions don't lie. If you want to know what you believe, watch your actions. 

Your Heart: Your Brain Times a Million

Our subconscious minds are 1 million times faster than our conscious minds. 1 million times faster! That means it's safe to say our subconscious minds are also 1 million times smarter. Our subconscious minds drive nearly all of our behavior - so it's a good idea to trust your gut. 

Let's return to the "evangelicals and hell" example. The conscious minds of most evangelicals believe that there is a heaven and hell because that's what they are told, but their subconscious minds do not believe it. My evidence for that is their actions. Very few Christians evangelize in a pushy way, but they all would if they believed like they said they believed. 

Why Christians Create Doctrines

Why do Christians create doctrines? We could ask this about every religion, not just Christianity. There are split ways of thought across all religions. Various denominations create their own doctrines because they are rationalizing their behavior. People hate to think one way and watch their actions be different. So they try to rationalize their behavior, which is a correct and healthy thing to do. It's unhealthy to have a disconnect between what we believe and the way we are acting.

Our minds think X is true, but our actions say that we believe Y. It is a natural reaction to try to bring those things together, to bring cohesion. 

We might think, "Sure, hell is real, but since I'm not evangelizing that hard, it must be because God doesn't think they're his children. I found evidence for that in the Bible." Or, "God made that group of people for hell." "Oh, those people over there are stubborn, so God's going to burn them forever." "Oh, that person, he's choosing hell." "Oh, I found somewhere in the Bible that only a hundred thousand people are going to heaven. Everyone else is going to hell, so I don't need to evangelize." "Oh, God thinks it's okay if I pray for that person from a distance." 

My Heart Doesn't Believe In Hell

Now, this is interesting. Transurfing taught me that there is plenty of evidence to support all theories, and I have been able to find great evidence to support the theories that ring true in my heart and subconscious mind. I won't list it all here, but I found plenty of evidence that hell doesn't exist. I don't believe in hell at all. I used to for a long time, but my subconscious mind wouldn't stop nagging me. Once I started to believe that God is truly good, I could not find cohesion between the hell doctrine and the fact that God is good. 

Later, this positive worldview led me to believe that my world was perfect already. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. That means right here, right now. I believe we're living in paradise right now, and if you look for the evidence that this is true all day, every day, you will start to see just how amazing your life is right here, right now, how everything is working together with you. Your world is watching out for you. God is bringing everything together in your life to help you. And it's all working out beautifully. 

Heart-Mind Connection

Keeping all of this in mind, what are your true beliefs? What do your actions say? Wouldn't it feel great to be living with integrity between your mind and your actions? Wouldn't it be awesome to shift your mindset, to believe the same thing that your heart believes? 

This is a universally applicable truth. This can be applied to every area of your life, but today, take some time to think, what are my actions saying? What are my words saying? Do I feel any stress or tension when I think about this topic? 

It feels good to have peace and cohesion between the heart and mind. So I encourage you to take some time to think about that, and I'll see you tomorrow.