Are You Seeing Reality? The Great Divorce and other examples

Season #1

00:00 Are You Seeing Reality? The Great Divorce and other examples
00:48 Holy Fire
01:23 People going from earth/hell
02:25 God has made everything work out for us
02:53 God is Love
03:12 The Last Battle
04:11 The Ultimate Reality Is Goodness
05:06 The Fires of God’s Love Can Be Perceived as the Fires of Hell
05:51 You Have to Know You Are Safe No Matter Where You Are and What You Think
06:53 Further up and Further In
07:10 You Are 100% Perfect

How can we know that the reality we see and experience is true? That may or may not be important to you. You might want to experience what you experience and enjoy it, whether true or not. I feel like it's true for me, like in the movie the Matrix. 

There's a character who says a steak is a steak. I don't care if it's really my body eating a steak or if it just feels like I'm experiencing eating a steak. It doesn't matter because it feels true in my head. But personally, I care about if what I'm experiencing is true or not. 

Now, there are a lot of scientific and spiritual experiments that show what we believe we perceive. What we think will directly impact our experience, but does that mean that what we're experiencing is true? If we have that much power over creating our environment and our experiences, how can we know if there is an absolute truth to what's happening or not? 

Holy Fire

So this is the concept that J and I call "holy fire." We can perceive things to be good or bad, and we experience them based on that choice, but we believe that the ultimate truth is a perspective of 100% goodness. When everything is as perfectly awesome as possible, that is the truth. We have a phrase, "everything positive is true, and everything negative is matrix." 

When we line up emotionally, frequency-wise, and attitude-wise with the fact that things are already good by default, we see reality. So the question becomes, how much are we willing to see that good reality? 

Physically in Heaven but Mentally in Hell

In The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis talks about people going from earth/hell, an ambiguous, negative/depressing place, to kind of the foyer of heaven. It's this grassy environment, and a bus flies through the sky and travels with a bunch of lost souls, people who have recently died, and lands in this grassy area. 

Some people have this predisposed emotion of complaining and that nothing they see will be good. So the grass is all sharp. It's like pins and needles on their feet, the angels who come to greet them and help bring them into the real country of heaven. They're rude or manipulative. They say, oh, the advertising for this place is way overrated. I'm going back on the bus. I'm going back to earth/ hell or whatever. There's no hell in the book if I understand it correctly. I think C.S. Lewis's point is that hell is what people make of it in their minds. In that sense, people can be physically in heaven but mentally in their hell. 

God Has Made Everything Work Out for Us

That's what J and I believe about the holy fire. Things are perfect in our lives, and God has made everything work out for us. Our world is taking care of us, and we're surrounded by guardian angels and opportunities left and right, but we don't see them because we're focused on our negative emotions and our fear. 

Are we afraid to believe that things could be good? Are you afraid of what I'm saying? Do you feel triggered? Make sure you check out our video on that if that's true. It's called Jesus and Reality Transurfing, Does Perfect Trigger You?

God is Love

If you fear that this is too good to be true, think about, is God too good to be true? Is it possible for something to be more good than God? No, I don't believe that that's true. The definition of God is goodness. God is good. God is love. I will give one more example but make sure you stick around for the last point today about fire and hell it might blow your mind. 

The Last Battle

C.S. Lewis is one of the major authors of Christianity. He wrote the book Mere Christianity. In addition to The Great Divorce, he also wrote the Chronicles of Narnia series. The last book in that series is called The Last Battle. There's a scene in that book that displays this same holy fire principle. 

The heroes in the story exit from this dark wooded area through this doorway into a shed. This sunny, beautiful, heavenly paradise with fruit trees, green grass, and everything are on the doorway's other side. But some dwarfs go through the door and see just a stable, knowing what they expect to see. 

Our heroes give them this beautiful fresh water and these perfect, unearthly fruits. They're saying, oh, how dare you put this dirty straw and hay and carrots from the donkeys in my face and give me this dirty water from the feeding trough and stuff like that. Now, our main characters live in this real place, and they're seeing it for what it is, perfection! But the dwarfs see things the way they expect to see them, negatively. 

The Ultimate Reality Is Goodness

Now, this is how we view the holy fire. It's not just you see what you expect to see. There is an ultimate reality, and the ultimate truth is goodness. When we open our eyes to see actual reality and align ourselves with that goodness, we live in reality and truth. But when we were expecting to see negativity, depravity, or flaws, that will show up in our experience. 

The idea of holy fire isn't just what you believe you will perceive in your experience. It's also that there is the ultimate good and that all we have to do is open our eyes to that. We don't need to try so hard to create a good reality. Ultimate good reality is already the truth, and we can enjoy that. Check out my video called No More Striving/Trying In Reality Transurfing Or Religion for more about how we don't have to try so hard to manifest the right way or to view our world the right way to get it to be so good. It's already good. And we need to allow ourselves to see that. 

The Fires of God's Love Can Be Perceived as the Fires of Hell

Here's our last idea, big idea number one: The fires of God's love can be perceived as the fires of hell. So that's where this idea of holy fire comes from, how we use it. Holy means set apart, and many people use it also to mean pure and perfect. 

Romans 11:36 says, "For of Him, and through Him, and unto Him, are all things." God is everywhere and in everything. "If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there." (Psalm 139:8) The love of God is everywhere and in everything. And like I said before, God is love, and God is good (1 John 4:8). 

This goodness is also everywhere. But sometimes, we perceive that goodness and that love as something negative. Like the dwarves in the Great Divorce, we perceive this heavenly awesomeness as something threatening or disappointing. 

You Have to Know You Are Safe No Matter Where You Are and What You Think

That's why we call it holy fire. J and I made this rating system we put on our fridge, Holy Fire, and then a line to 10. 10 is a hundred percent, and then the numbers down, 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. And those are all our perceptions. Do you perceive things at a one, which would be like the most horrific situation you could imagine, or are you at a five? Or are you at a seven? Are you like, well, today's a pretty good day. If there's a reason you do not feel like everything is in your favor, everything is going awesome, and God is just blessing your socks off, you're not at a 10. And that's where we all can and should be at all times, is at a 10. Not that we have to fake it. It's fine. You have to know you are safe no matter where you are and what you think. 

That's what's helped me personally with this perspective of holy fire. If I'm at a five, I can still know that reality is a 10. Yeah, my experience may seem like a five, and I might seem like I'm self-sabotaging and bringing more negativity into my life because I'm negative, but guess what? Reality is a 10. And that can cheer my heart and change my attitude to be like, oh, thank you, God. All I have to do is remember that. Boom! I'm already at a 10. Once you think everything's good, you're already at a 10. 

Further up and Further In 

Even if you're at your capacity for how much love and awesomeness you feel, there's always more. Your cup gets bigger. So 100% becomes bigger and bigger, and bigger along with it, which is awesome. That's another C.S. Lewis idea: further up and further in. Things keep getting bigger and better. And there's always a possibility for progress, and there's always a possibility for growth. 

You Are 100% Perfect.

I hope that helps you find a little more reason to look on the bright side today. And not to just look on the bright side, but know that that is reality. God is good, and God is love. And he is a hundred percent good and a hundred percent love. He's made the world perfect. He's saved the whole world, and that includes you. You're a hundred percent perfect. You are enough. 

Check out my video, How Do We Know We Are Good Enough in Transurfing, to confirm that you are enough. And also, the video It's Already Done to find out more about how God already made everything perfect. All right. See you guys next time.