The Land of Could Be

Season #1

00:00 The Land of Could Be
00:15 The orchestra crescendos
00:40 Fear manifests
01:15 How I died

Suddenly a door seen never before.
Just big enough to take a peek.
Eye to the door, a new world appears,
the Land of Could Be.

The orchestra crescendos.
A sandbox, no consequences.
Take it or leave.
Strange people and smells.
A colorful oasis.
Tingles everywhere.
This moment, all there ever was.
A tangible dream.
Bliss upon bliss.

Fear manifests.
What if I lose this door as easily as I found it?
Tripwire triggered.
All become dust.
Beauty to gray.
Dust becomes paint on drywall.

Eye pushed hard against what is.
Pushing harder to make it resurface.
Religion again.
There are no wizards in this church.
No wands allowed posted over the door.

Could be, could be.
A fairy in the corner.
How did she escape?
She whispers a secret.
Two words: Already Done.
And that's how I died.