Advantage - Reality Transurfing’s Secret Sauce

Season #1

00:00 Advantage - Reality Transurfing’s Secret Sauce
00:13 Misinterpreting “Bad” Situations
01:55 Don’t Take Things at Face Value
02:38 God is Good
03:16 Look Below the Surface
03:44 Advantage

Everything is working out for you, and it doesn't matter how bad it seems. Now, stay with me here for a minute because I will explain why it's working out in your favor when everything seems to be going wrong. 

Misinterpreting "Bad" Situations

You might be going through a hard situation that seems bad. It might seem frustrating to you, but let's think deeply. Is there even a slight chance that you might be misinterpreting this "bad" situation? Is it possible it's really for your best? Let's entertain that thought because wouldn't that change everything? This is the philosophy that Kay and I run our lives on. In Transurfing, this is called advantage. 

Let's think, what if your spouse left you? At face value, that could seem terrible. That could seem like one of the worst things that could happen, but isn't there a chance that could be an amazing thing that happened to you? Couldn't that possibly open you up to finding the real love of your life? Couldn't that free you from terrible arguments, from an enormous amount of stress?

Let's suppose that somebody close to you died. Again, that could seem terrible. But what if death is not what we think it is? What if leaving your body is freedom? Isn't there a lot of evidence for that? Isn't that even what the concept of the traditional heaven is? And if this person is close to you, couldn't this be a catalyst that allows you to enter a whole new stage of your life, where you can remake your entire life?

Now let's think about something small. What if your car got scratched? It could seem like there is no upside to this. But what if there is? What if it's something completely unthought of? What if it's something you could not possibly figure out? Like when you go to get your car fixed, maybe you meet someone at the repair shop who ends up being incredibly important to your life, which changes your whole trajectory? 

Don't Take Things at Face Value

When you're thinking down this path, you have to persist because thinking about this lightly from just a surface level can come off as silly. But don't give up on this, and don't take things at face value; there is no hope or happiness there. 

Listen to this: The secret to life is that all is for your good, but it is your job to figure out how. You are a detective searching for and finding all of the evidence to support the idea that everything is working out for your good. So when anything happens in your life, you seek evidence to support that it is all for your good. 

God is Good

This is different than wishful thinking. I have already found my evidence in this philosophy. A lot of my evidence comes from Christianity, specifically in the Finished Work of the Cross movement, which I have been involved in for the past decade. 

God is good. Right? I have tons of evidence that God is good. Many people struggle with the issue, "If God is so good, why is everything so bad?" But I don't struggle with that anymore. With this philosophy of advantage, things are only bad if you think they are bad - if you have no hope that something bad is deeply good. 

Look Below the Surface

We need to stop seeing things on such a surface level. If you practice this, you might stop having such a surface-level reaction when something seemingly-bad happens. When somebody spills milk and breaks a glass, you don't start reacting. Over time, you might look at it and say, I don't know why this is good, but it might be good. I suspect that this is good. Could you imagine having that reaction? That is starting to happen in my life. 


Now again, this is called advantage, from Transurfing. That's where I picked this up. But as I thought about it, I realized that this attitude is very Christian. It's the message of Romans 8:28 - All things work together for my good.

Kay recently made a video titled, "Are You Seeing Reality?" It talks specifically about the book The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. If you haven't listened to that video yet, I recommend you take a minute and do so.

To sum it up, the idea of advantage is that you might not know why everything is good, why something is good even though it seems, on the surface, that it is not. But mentally claiming the hope that this is probably for your good is how you correctly claim advantage.

So the next time something seemingly bad or confusing happens in your life, say out loud, "I'm claiming advantage here." I promise that if you do that for about a week, you will see a huge shift for the better in your life.