Can You Literally Trust Your Gut? | Weight Loss via the Subconscious Mind

Season #1

00:00 Can You Literally Trust Your Gut? | Weight Loss via the Subconscious Mind
00:007 If My Devotion Could Stand
00:35 Weight Problems
01:13 The Solution
01:49 Subconscious Mind vs. Conscious Mind
02:38 Subconscious Mind Primarily Speaks Through Feelings

The subconscious mind moves 1 million times faster than the conscious mind. Let's consult it for advice on weight loss. 

If My Devotion Could Stand

In 2010, I wrote a song called If My Devotion Could Stand. The idea of the song was I could achieve every goal that I set for myself if I could stick to the rules that I set for myself. 

Do you ever feel that way about food? We know how many calories we should have, and we know the carbs - then why is it a struggle? We know this is too big of a struggle because we know about pushing through hard things. We're not stupid. 

Weight Problems

There are too many smart, devoted, and dedicated people with weight problems. This is an abnormal struggle. Your subconscious mind regulates everything in your body, including your metabolism, cravings, and even your heartbeat. It is keeping you at your current weight on purpose. It thinks, for some reason, it's safer for you to be at this weight. 

Could you possibly have given it that idea? Has your conscious mind told your subconscious mind that it's safer to be at this weight through trauma, feelings, or limiting beliefs?

The Solution

My advice is meditation, prayer, EFT tapping, taking some quiet time and journaling, and asking yourself the hard questions. What could the emotional reasons be why you are at this weight?

If you have a regular amount of weight to lose, I will start with light meditation. Mainly, seeing if there is any religion that you have around food. I didn't realize this until recently, but I have been crazily religious about food. I've been on a strict keto diet for years, and I have attributed my success around food to that. 

Subconscious Mind vs. Conscious Mind

When I wanted to lose a tiny bit of weight but couldn't keep even a pound off, I realized something else was going on here. I was depriving myself of small sweets, but I couldn't lose a small amount of weight? It should be a little bit easier than this. 

Now I know my subconscious mind wants me to be at this weight, and it thinks it's safer. So it's the job of my conscious mind to let my subconscious mind know that's not true anymore. Maybe I gave my subconscious mind the impression that it's safer for me to keep this small amount of fat on my body rather than let it go. The rights and wrongs, the goods and bad, that we have around food are ridiculous. They are doing more harm than good. 

Subconscious Mind Primarily Speaks Through Feelings

I have even followed intermittent fasting, where if I broke my fast too early, I would feel bad about myself. And if I realized after laying down to sleep that I forgot to log food, I would start to feel bad. I think we can all see that this is ridiculous. 

So the solution I am proposing is that we take the time that it takes to speak with our subconscious mind, and our subconscious mind primarily speaks through feelings, and we let it know that it is safe to let go of the weight. 

We also need to listen to our subconscious minds when we are eating. If it feels good to you when you pick up food, let go of the guilt and eat the food. No matter what it is, if it feels bad before it touches your lips, put it down and choose something else. 

So I encourage you to take your time with this. It takes some time to interact with the subconscious mind. But I promise it will be worth it.