What About Safety? | Transurfing Through Tough Situations

Season #1

00:00 What About Safety? | Transurfing Through Tough Situations
00:35 Focusing on the End Result
01:58 Encouraging One another
02:46 Claiming Advantage
03:38 It's About Your Perspective
04:34 Trusting Your Calling
05:08 You Can Achieve Anything
06:27 Don’t Get Discouraged When Things Look Negative
07:34 You Can Be Okay With Just Being Okay
08:11 Faith of Christ
09:08 Everything Is Going to Be Ok

If you've been listening to our "Everything Is Awesome" series for any length of time, you know that we believe that Jesus made everything right when he died and said, "It is finished," and that we believe that the kingdom of heaven is already here. But how can we live like that in this world? How can we feel safe when we see unsafe things happening around us? Stick around to the end because we have lots of things to discuss on this topic. 

Focusing on the End Result

In Transurfing, we talk about viewing your end slide. What is your intended result? You want to view that, imagine it, and feel the emotions of what it would be like to experience that happening. 

So rather than just imagining how the conversation with someone is going to go - every word that we're going to say, every response that they're going to give - we can view ourselves having this joyful response after the conversation, saying, "Wow, that was such a good conversation. I can't believe how well that went." So we're focusing on the result versus all of the details of how we will get there.

Another example could be you receiving $10,000 in sales from your job. Rather than knowing that this particular sale is going to manifest in exactly $10,000, it could be that you have an accumulation of five $2,000 sales or two $5,000 sales instead of getting so picky and putting so much importance on the fact that this specific thing has to happen, and then get disappointed if it doesn't happen and feeling your frequency go down. Then your faith diminishes, and your emotion becomes negative, maybe bringing your frequency down to a five. (If you haven't watched our holy fire video/podcast/blog, make sure you check that one out.) 

Instead, you can avoid all of that by just knowing your result will come to you, and you don't have to try to nitpick how that will happen. It will happen for you, and God will bring that to you. Everything will work together to make that happen, things will line up to get you your results, and you don't have to be in charge of every little nitpicky detail of how that happens. 

Encouraging One another

In Christianity, sometimes in certain denominations in certain church services, someone will stand up and say, I see this happening - either for the church, for everyone, or for a specific person. Sometimes you'll even have one individual pray for another and say, "I see you being super successful in this area," or "I see [your specific desire here] coming to pass." That's very similar. Sometimes we just come together and have other people help encourage us, give us the permission slip, and give us the faith to believe in that outcome when it's sometimes too difficult for us to believe it on our own.

In both Christianity and Transurfing, there's this idea of seeing it in your head first, believing that you already have it, and then watching that unfold. 

Claiming Advantage

Another way J and I think about this is to be sure of your calling.

The book of Acts tells the story of how Paul is determined to go to Rome. He's going to go to Rome to tell people there about Jesus. On the way, he gets shipwrecked. Is he thinking, "Oh no, everything's ruined"? Nope. He's claiming advantage. Make sure you watch our two videos on advantage for more information on what that is.

Claiming advantage is saying, "I know my result. I know I'm going to Rome, and so if I'm getting shipwrecked, that is just part of the journey to get to Rome. That is one of the things that will happen to lead me to Rome." And that did happen for Paul. So while he's shipwrecked on this island, he gets bitten by a snake, and he brushes the snake off, and he's fine because he is sure of his calling. He knows he is going to Rome, and if it gets bitten by a snake, oh well, that's just part of this - advantage, "I'm still going to Rome." And everybody around him is like, what just happened? They expected him to die because that snake was poisonous, but he just shook it off into the fire, and it died in the fire.

It's About Your Perspective

Paul was sure of his calling, and he didn't die. And the whole snake bite thing was an opportunity for him to share what he was doing, what he believed, where he was going, what he was all about, and what Jesus was all about. And that wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten bit by the snake in the first place.

Instead of looking at these things as negative or unsafe situations or thinking of them as intrinsically evil, we need to realize they are part of the journey to get us to our desired result. We might feel like a shipwreck is bad. We might think getting bit by a snake is bad, but is it?

If you don't get poisoned by the snake, was the snake bite really bad? It's about your perspective. If Paul was like, "Oh my gosh, how am I ever going to get to Rome now? My whole journey is ruined." Then who knows if the snake bite would have affected him or not? But having that faith, being at a "10," lined him up with the reality that everything is awesome and that God is in charge of all of these things and working everything together for good. That's what his experience was, and that manifested in his reality. 

Trusting Your Calling

Let's think about this. Was Jesus afraid that he might catch a cold and get pneumonia and die before he could go to the cross, which was his ultimate calling? No! There's a story about a crowd who wanted to throw Jesus off the cliff they were so mad at what he was saying - but they couldn't. All of a sudden, Jesus just somehow teleported or made his way through the crowd somehow, and then he just wasn't there anymore. He knew his calling was to go to the cross and die and rise again, and nothing could stop that calling.

So even as these situations come up that we might think are bad, when we claim an advantage and are sure of our calling, nothing can stop us from getting that result.

You Can Achieve Anything

Now, Paul and the people traveling with him to share the news about Jesus were often abused. They were stoned, and they were whipped. They were thrown out of cities and they were ostracized. Their reputations were slandered; they were essentially doxed and canceled - all of the things that we call abuse. They were very much so abused. I don't think many people listening to me right now have been stoned or whipped for their beliefs. Still, we may have been some of those other things: emotionally or verbally abused, even mentally or psychologically abused. And these men went through those things. But Paul and Silas, his friend, were sitting in jail singing because they were at a "10," even though the situation made it look like they should be at a five or a two. There are a couple of different ways you can interpret this. You can think their perspective was, "Well, I'm going to praise God anyway. I know the right thing to do is to praise God, and I'm just singing to God. I'm just going to worship, even though I don't feel like it." But I a hundred percent don't agree that that was how they felt.

I think they were just like, "Awesome. We're in jail because this is part of our calling, part of our journey. We're doing what we need to do, claiming advantage right here." So they could emotionally be at a 10, no matter their scenario. If they can do it, you can do it. And if you can be at a 10, you can achieve anything. 

Don't Get Discouraged When Things Look Negative

What happened to them was there was a big earthquake. All the doors in the jail opened, and every prisoner was set free. So, Paul and Silas, they're standing there, all the doors are open, and the jailer is about to kill himself because he's like, "I'm going to die because I lost all of these prisoners." And Paul was like, "Don't kill yourself, we're all still here." Then he told him about Jesus and why they were singing, and why the earthquake happened. And the guy was like, "I'm going to be baptized, and my entire family." Like, we all want this power that you have. What was the power that they had? They knew everything is awesome no matter how it looks. So don't get discouraged when things look negative. 

We're not trying to say, "Just put on a smile, even in hard times." You've got to know in your heart, deep in your soul, what is your calling and who are you? Are you going to rise to the challenge and be who you truly are, regardless of what comes against you?

Are you going to walk in your "10-ship," be at a level 10, even when things are trying to get you down to a five? Because what will happen is that your reality, your manifested experience, will rise to match your frequency at that 10. It really will.

You Can Be Okay With Just Being Okay

Now also, don't try to force feeling at a 10. Sometimes you might have down days. You might feel frustrated. You might feel discouraged and down by your situation. You know what? That's okay, too. You can be okay with just being okay. You don't have to force it. But knowing that ultimately everything is working out for your good will encourage you, maybe even pop you up to a six or a seven rather than a five on the scale. And second, it will give you that peace of knowing, even if you don't feel like singing in jail, even if you don't feel like a 10, that reality is at a 10, and God will work everything out for you regardless. 

Faith of Christ

We call it having the "faith of Christ." The Bible talks a lot about faith in Christ, but that word can also be translated as "of," and having the faith of Christ means Jesus' faith is big enough for the both of you. Even if you can't believe strongly enough, he believes strongly enough, and you can rely on his faith for you in your calling.

He is going to work it out, and he will make everything come together for good. Even if you lose sight of that calling and lose sight of that faith, know in your heart that you are his, and he's got you, and everything will turn out perfectly. 

So that's how we know that you can always feel safe, even in seemingly unsafe situations.

Everything Is Going to Be Okay

You can also look up Corrie Ten Boom and Viktor Frankl. They lived through the Holocaust and stayed at these positive frequencies, even in the midst of the most horrendous situations possible. They have helped so many people because of that. Their testimonies and stories have changed the world, and that wouldn't have happened if they hadn't gone through those situations.

If you don't have examples of how you can show positivity and hope and trust and love and all of the good things amid seemingly negative situations, nobody will believe that it's true. They were willing, at some level, to be those examples and stepped up and said, "yeah, my calling is in the midst of these situations. I'm going to be those examples to show people what you can be."

All right, guys. So I hope you're all at a 10 and if not, know that you are loved and know that everything will be okay. See you guys in the next video.