Living in Advantage and the Wish Fulfilled

Season #1

00:00 Living in Advantage and the Wish Fulfilled
00:17 What Do You Truly Believe
01:11 It’s Not About Pointing Blame
01:53 Everything Is for Your Advantage
02:30 Affirmations and Incantations
03:33 All Things Are Working Together for Your Good

All things work together for your good. These are great words, but how do you put them into practice? Do you feel afraid? Hold yourself to a higher standard. Don't allow yourself, long-term, to slip into fear. We will be talking about incantations, affirmations, EFT, and more. 

What Do You Truly Believe

Skipping the details, last night was the most emotional night I've had in years. It was bordering on trauma. My emotions felt so bad that my Apple Watch alerted me that my heart was racing for too long while lying still, and I was truly feeling fear. 

But I believe that I was testing myself. What do I truly believe? Does God work all things together for my good? Is everything for my advantage, as I talk about on this channel? 

There was a real contrast between my beliefs and my experience. My experience was this physical manifestation of fear, but my beliefs said this was for my good. I am safe. All things work together for my good. This is better than this not happening because something awesome is coming from this. It comes down to this question. Are you a victim, or are you the creator of your reality? 

It's Not About Pointing Blame

It's not about pointing blame and saying, "You did this, and you manifested this." That's coming from a weak place, which implies that this experience is bad and not for your good. No, this experience is good. This is causing the shortest line between where you are and where you want to be. You are choosing to be in this place because this is bringing you immediately to your goal. 

Do you want to be a stronger person who can not be shaken? Do you want new, amazing people and experiences to come into your life? Do you want to realize that you are already in the place of your wish is fulfilled? These are the types of things that emotional conflict can bring to you. 

Everything Is for Your Advantage

Now stay with me for a minute. Whatever tension you might be feeling in your body right now, whatever words might be going on in your subconscious mind, if they feel negative, they are a misunderstanding. There is a misinterpretation because nothing is for your bad, and all things are for your good. And that's what I learned last night. 

As Vadim Zeland says, everything is for your advantage. Claim your advantage. You have put yourself in this place for an opportunity to take the higher road and let the higher version of yourself take the reins of your mind. 

Affirmations and Incantations

Last night I was repeating affirmation, after affirmation, after affirmation. I am safe. I'm claiming advantage. This is for my good. When you take affirmations and put the feeling behind them, they become incantations. It becomes an emotional chant of saying, I believe these words. I'm claiming these words. 

Before long, you are not feeling fear anymore. You may be feeling a high emotion, but it's more along the lines of "I'm excited," not afraid. I was also falling back on EFT tapping, the emotional freedom technique, and I was saying those incantations and affirmations while doing the tapping points. Even allowing myself to admit, I know I'm feeling fear, but I love, honor, and accept myself. 

This is how you take your knowledge and put it into practice. When you're going through what feels like a hard time, you take all of the knowledge you have in your head and express it through your feelings, heart, and words. 

All Things Are Working Together for Your Good

So I had this opportunity to have a real breakdown, but I turned it into a very empowering experience. So next time you have an experience, anything like this, even if it's only 1% of this, take this and put it into practice. All the things we talk about on this channel put them into practice, and I guarantee it will change from a negative to a positive because all things are working together for your good.