You Are Not Alone

Season #1

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01:58 God Is With Us
02:56 The Fourth Member of the Trinity
03:28 You are Never Alone

Today I want to share with you guys that you're not alone. 

As important as it is to take ownership of our thoughts and minds and realize that what we project shows up in our experience, it's important to know that we're not alone in those experiences. 

Holy Fire

So sometimes, when I'm listening to teachers talk about manifestation or having a positive frequency, about Reality Transurfing and how our world is a mirror reflecting us what we project into it, it puts a lot of burden on myself, on my heart, instead of helping me feel empowered. That's what all of these teachings are ultimately about. 

So I catch myself. Do I think this is a burden, or is it a blessing? And that's what we talk about all the time on this channel. Right? Holy Fire. Check out our holy fire video for more information. The idea that you can interpret your experience and your situation as positive or negative it's really up to you. How are you going to look at things? And how are you going to choose to show up to the potential challenges that are there for your growth and your benefit? 

I catch myself, am I thinking about how well I'm performing and how well I'm creating the expression of my thoughts in my experience? Am I being positive enough? Am I taking enough time to be intentional about my spirituality? 

You are Enough 

I felt this way within my Christian practice as well. More so about ten years ago or so. Am I reading my Bible enough, praying enough, and being humble enough? Those kinds of thoughts. And the truth is, you are enough. I've said that in other videos, but I need you to know it. You are enough, and you are so loved. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about his interactions with the force of the universe. Or what my friend Dan Mangena would call GUS. God/Universe/Source. Or G U S - GUS, but Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about feeling a fatherly love coming from this source. And that's because I believe that the source of the universe is what Jesus revealed to be our father, our father in heaven. 

God Is With Us

Jesus came to show us that God is personal and that he cares. That he is love and that he is good, and that he is with us. One of the names for Jesus is Emmanuel: God with us. So, if you ever struggle feeling like the world's weight is literally on your shoulders because you are responsible for the quantum overlay that your world looks like, or the expression of your thought's intangible reality, you can drop the burden and accept the beauty of those things. Realizing that "all positivity is true and all negativity is the matrix." 

The God of the universe that holds all things together, the space and energy between every atom of everything in the world, is your friend and father. And your brother. And your bridegroom. These are things that the Bible says. These are eternal truths. Jesus is your brother, the firstborn among many brethren. We are the bride of Christ. So he is our husband or spouse. God is our heavenly father, and Jesus also said, I have not called you servants, but friends. 

The Fourth Member of the Trinity

So realize that there is so much connection, not just between you and others, but that is true too. Other humans - I mean, Jesus is a human, but that's another video. That's awesome, how God became human to show us how connected he is with us, in our humanity, and how much we are connected with God, our godliness, or God's likeness, even as humans. 

J and I call it, being the fourth member of the Trinity. Like that's sacrilegious in some circles, but we're the bride of Christ, and we are one in connection with him in a super intimate way. 

You are Never Alone

That's how much God loves you. By the most powerful source in the world. You are never alone. If you feel alone, realize it's the matrix, just your feelings. 

We say you can trust your heart, and what we mean is your true heart, your true nature, your spirit, your essence. But your emotions can fluctuate based on your hormones, how much sleep you got last night if you're low blood sugar, and what you're thinking. If you're thinking untrue or negative thoughts, it will influence your emotions and frequency. 

So if you're feeling alone, realize that that's just how you're feeling. That's just how it seems. And the ultimate reality is that you are never alone. Because every atom surrounds you, every particle of air is filled with your best friend. 

In a cosmic way, each of us humans is connected as well. So, even if that's too hard for you to believe that God loves you, I love you. I am part of God, and you are a part of God. We are all connected, and you are loved. 

I may or may not know you in my consciousness, but I hope you feel the love connection we share. And I hope I do get to meet you in person at some point in this life, but until then, I'll see you in the next video.